• Police search for Seminole County liquor store thieves


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Seminole County investigators are still trying to track down some liquor store burglars.

    Deputies said one of the suspects is in custody.

    Thieves had already pried their way into two Seminole County liquor stores Friday morning, when a deputy patrolling along State Road 46 spotted three men inside an EZ Liquor store.

    The thieves took off in their stolen van when they saw the deputy.

    Deputies used their aviation unit and infrared camera to locate the thieves. They set up stock sticks, forcing the thieves to get out of the car and run.

    Two of them got away, but a third man, Roderick Collins, was arrested on burglary charges.

    "It's hard for a small businessman to take a loss like this," said Pradip Patel, EZ Liquor store owner.

    Patel said on top of the damage they caused breaking into his store, the burglars had a taste for top-shelf liquor

    Patel told WFTV he hopes the men who stole from him might actually consider earning an honest living.

    "There's nothing free, my friend. You have to work hard for everything you get," he said.

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    Police search for Seminole County liquor store thieves