• Police: Teen who shot self in library stole gun from coach


    ORANGE CITY, Fla. - Police said the victim of an accidental shooting, and two friends, stole the gun that ended his life.

    Yaredh Gaudier, 16, accidentally shot himself inside a Volusia County library on Nov. 15.

    Police said the teens stole the gun from an unlocked car belonging to Shantita Subert-Odom, the wife of a Pine Ridge High School football coach.

    Police said Ajai Blakely told them he acted as a lookout while Yaredh broke into the car.

    Subert-Odom explained her empathy for the family of Gaudier.

    "I can't speak for why or what made him do it, I just really wish he wouldn't have done it because it's unfortunate he's not here anymore," Subert-Odom said.

    Police questioned her husband, Reginald Odom. Their neighbor Ajai Blakeley, 19, told police he was with Gaudier and admitted they stole the .38 special from Odom. Subert-Odom said it was in the glove box of their car and she left it unlocked by accident or because of a broken key fob.

    WFTV reporter Blaine Tolison questioned Subert-Odom about the theft and shooting.

    "Do you at all feel at fault that he was able to get the gun from your car?" he asked.

    "I don't … well, as far as feeling at fault, I hate that the gun came from my vehicle," Subert-Odom said.

    Police said Gaudier brought the gun to University High School the next day and they said after school he and Blakely tested the gun in some nearby woods.

    "They went across from the school later that day and discharged a couple rounds then went to the library and the tragedy occurred as you all know," said Detective Ken Jones of the Orange City Police Department.

    Police reports showed Gaudier was cleaning his prints from the gun or playing with it when he shot himself in the head.

    "There's nothing we can do about it now but I pray for his family and I hope they find peace," said Subert-Odom.

    Police said the gun was stolen more than 10 years ago and the Odoms inherited it from Odom's mother.

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    Police: Teen who shot self in library stole gun from coach