Police: Titusville teenager accused of fatally beating grandfather using yardstick, hammer

A Titusville teen is locked up, charged in the death of his grandfather

TITUSVILLE, Fla. — A 17-year-old is behind bars after officials said he is responsible for the beating death of his 69-year-old grandfather.

Police said the incident happened on Hazelwood Court during an argument over a television show.

Officials said after the argument, the 17-year-old Stuart Womack began throwing items at his grandfather, William Womack.

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Investigators said after Stuart punched his grandfather, he began beating him with a yardstick, using enough force to break his ribs.

Police said the confrontation then went outside, where the grandfather was pushed to the ground. Investigators said Stuart told them he then threw his hammer at his grandfather three times.

William Womack was taken to the intensive care unit to treat his injuries, but later died.

Stuart faces a preliminary charge of second-degree murder.

A family friend told Channel 9 that there were signs of something like this could happen and that the family previously sought help for the teen who had acted out violently before.