• Police: YouTube video led to arrest of teen bus stop robber


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orlando teen accused of robbing a man at a bus stop is in jail, and police said a YouTube video helped them make the arrest.

    Roemell Glover, 15, was arrested after police said someone who watched a YouTube video he and his friends made promoting an Orlando club event also saw him commit the crime.

    Kattie Graham said the last thing she expected to see at the Lynx bus stop on Rosewood Way was an armed robbery in broad daylight.

    "Three guys ran to the bus stop, drawed a gun on a dude and took his iPad," Graham said.

    According to reports, one of the robbers had the gun cocked with a bullet in the chamber when he robbed a man waiting for the bus.

    "They ran back across the street and got in their car and they left and I flagged the police down," said Graham.

    Police said it didn't take them long to track down the gunman, thanks to the growing popularity of the YouTube video.

    Glover was identified by another a man, who witnessed the crime and happened to see the video.

    "You must have been known, you must have let everybody know who you were," said bus rider Xavier Serrano.

    "For one thing they never should have put it on YouTube and then another thing, they should have never have did it because that was real stupid what they did. An iPod, iPad; that’s real stupid," Graham said.

    Police said the video also led to the arrest of someone who was with Glover during the crime.

    WFTV found that Glover has several previous arrests for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, trespassing and several probation violations.

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    Police: YouTube video led to arrest of teen bus stop robber