• Political action committee disputes South Daytona election ballot


    DAYTONA, Fla. - A political action committee is continuing the fight over South Daytona's plans to buy its power grid from Florida Power and Light.

    Channel 9's Blaine Tolison reached out to both sides in the ongoing dispute.

    One side believes the language on the November ballot is designed to persuade voters to say yes to purchasing millions in utilities. The other says the language is perfectly legal.

    A battle over electric utilities shows no signs of wavering. The issue is on the ballot for South Daytona residents to decide, but now there's a battle over that too.

    The concern in the ballot is over the first few lines.

    They read: City projections show a municipal electric utility will be profitable at FPL's rates, allowing this revenue to be reinvested back into South Daytona, with no new taxes, while having local control of rates and services. South Daytona has spent substantial funds towards the formation of a municipal electric utility.

    Pat Mozden is with a group that supports the city buying out FPL's utilities. The poles, transformers and lines are worth more than $15 million. She said the question is quite simple.

    "The final question is, should the city form a municipal electric? That's pretty straight forward, and that's pretty easily answered with a yes or no," said Mozden.

    Some residents agree. WFTV showed some the ballot question.

    "The question as it is stated is a simple yes or no question," said one resident.

    But a group funded by and in support of FPL says the language is biased. Ray Lawrence said it's one sided information in the polling both with voters.

    "It basically presents the city's point of view about the benefits of their taking over the power," said Lawrence.

    A judge ruled the language is in line with state law, but the group supporting FPL filed paperwork to appeal that ruling.

    If it's not heard by the election this battle could keep going.

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