• Potential penny sales tax big issue for voters


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - During Thursday’s State of the County address the biggest issue was the penny sales tax increase voters could pass in May.

    Channel 9’s Bianca Castro asked why taxpayers still haven't been told exactly how the extra money would be spent

    In front of hundreds of people, Seminole County board chair Bob Dallari made the sales pitch everyone was expecting.

    “This extra penny will generate on average $63 million a year,” Dallari said.

    It’s money that will go toward storm water and road projects, and schools.

    Less than two weeks ago, when the commission approved a half-million dollar special election for the tax, it couldn't say what specific projects the money will pay for.

    Dallari said there is a list of projects that the board is going to approve in the next two meetings, but he wasn’t specific.

    Winter Springs’ mayor Charles Lacey said he anticipates the money will be needed for future projects.

    “It’s a matter of capital versus operational. I’m confident that over 10 years there are projects that are going to come along,” Lacey said.

    On Thursday WFTV learned taxpayers could get a small break.

    The school board would get a 25 percent cut of the penny tax if it’s approved.

    That's an extra $15 million a year.

    If he gets that cash the superintendent said he plans to lower the amount they ask for on resident’s property tax bill.

    The special election will be held May 20 and if approved, the sales tax in Seminole County would go from 6 to 7 percent.

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    Potential penny sales tax big issue for voters