Pregnant woman among victims of Orlando club shooting

ORLANDO, Fla. — A pregnant woman was one of the victims injured in Sunday morning’s deadly shooting at Glitz Ultra Lounge, Channel 9 learned.

Her attorney said it happened inside the club on Universal Boulevard as she was running for her life to get out.

The woman asked not to be identified.

Her lawyer, John Phillips, said she was shot in the wrist.

“She’s shaken up, as anybody would be, but she’s physically OK,” he said.

Phillips said he doesn’t want his client’s identity revealed because she’s afraid and doesn't know if the shooter's are at large.

Orlando police have not said whether the three gunmen who fired shots into a crowd of 300 people are off the streets.

The pregnant woman is among nearly a dozen who were hit by the bullets.

Two people, identified this week as Joseph Villalobos, 22, and Jonathan Avila Rojas, 33, were killed.

Channel 9’s Ty Russell found no major violations in Code Enforcement city records for the club, and no complaints were filed at the state level about its alcohol license since it was issued three years ago.

Police have not released many details about the shooting, but said it wasn’t random.

Internet chatter suggests the killings had something to do with a Puerto Rican drug trafficker.

No records have tied the men to drug trafficking.

A letter that had been put on the club’s door following the shooting threatening to shut the club down over $82,000 in late rent payments is now gone.