• Bondsman unable to find Orange Co. man accused of killing girlfriend after revoking bond


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A man who Orange County deputies called the prime suspect in his girlfriend’s slaying bonded out of jail Sunday morning.

    John Michael DeJesus told detectives last week that three Hispanic men barged into their Millrace Court home, demanded money and then shot his girlfriend, 22-year-old YolizMarie Borrero, in front of their 4-month-old daughter and Borrero's 4-year-old son.

    Authorities later said the story appeared to be fabricated, and they named DeJesus as their prime suspect, but murder charges have yet to be filed against the 28-year-old.

    DeJesus has been arrested twice since Borrero's death. The day she was killed, DeJesus was arrested on drug charges, but he bonded out a short time later.

    On Friday, he was booked into jail on a weapons charge but posted bond Sunday before investigators could charge him with first-degree murder.

    Before his first appearance for the weapons charge, investigators wrote in the arrest affidavit that DeJesus was an admitted Latin Kings gang member, flight risk, dangerous and that he would soon be charged with first-degree murder.

    Judge Wayne Shoemaker, however, granted a $3,500 bond without any restrictions like a GPS monitor or home confinement.

    "This was a catastrophic failure of the system in its entirety and as a result we now have an alleged killer on the loose," said WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer.

    DeJesus' bondsman told Channel 9 DeJesus failed to tell him he was a murder suspect and didn't show up to sign paperwork, so he's revoking the bond.

    The bondsman, however, has been unable to locate DeJesus and authorities aren't saying whether they're actively looking for him.

    Sheaffer said it’s surprising that no motions were filed to increase DeJesus’s bond or set formal monitoring for a convicted felon, who then became a prime suspect in a homicide.

    "For the Sheriff’s Office to make such a bold statement that he is the primary suspect in a first-degree murder, and take so little action, is unprecedented," said Sheaffer.

    The only releasable condition WFTV found required the Sheriff’s Office be notified upon his release.

    "He has all the motivation in the world to flee and not to stay," Sheaffer said. "What we have to hope for here is that law enforcement, having been notified of his release, has their eyes on him."

    Department of Children and Families officials said the children are in supervised placement. The agency is actively engaged in the case.

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