• Prosecution rests in Brevard deputy fatal shooting trial


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - The prosecution rested its case Thursday in the trial against a man accused of shooting and killing Brevard County Deputy Barbara Pill in 2012, during a traffic stop.

    Brandon Bradley is facing the death penalty.

    Earlier in the day, the prosecution called its final two witnesses to the stand.

    One of the witnesses was a friend of Bradley's at the time of the shooting.

    Amanda Ozburn cried and wiped away tears when she had to identify Bradley in court.

    Ozburn said Bradley told her he was a wanted man, and when she was interviewed days after Pill was gunned down, she told authorities that Bradley told her, if he was ever stopped by police they would have to "hold court in the streets" and that he was going out like a soldier.

    State: "Did you ever tell anybody under oath that he told you that?"

    Ozburn: "Yes, I did."

    However, Ozburn told jurors she only remembered saying that after looking at a copy of her statement.

    She also told the court she was on heavy drugs when she made the statement and that it shouldn't even be considered credible.

    Defense: "You were under the influence of cocaine, Xanax?"

    Ozburn: "Yes."

    Prosecutors used her testimony to help prove premeditation that Bradley knew he was going to kill deputy Pill before he shot her four times during the traffic stop.

    Bradley's ex-girlfriend, Andria Kerchner, took a plea deal and was sentenced to 12 years in prison in exchange for her testimony against Bradley.

    Kerchner took the stand last week, telling the jury it was Bradley who shot and killed Pill on March 6, 2012.

    Bradley had fit the description of a man who was seen stealing from an Econo Lodge motel, which led to Pill pulling his vehicle over.

    Dashcam video shows Pill trying to order the driver out of his car repeatedly before the final confrontation.

    Pill's last act was to activate an emergency transmitter on her breast plate armor, which broadcast the sound of a barrage of gunfire to dispatchers.

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