• Eatonville employee accused of stealing town-owned truck to trade it for crack-cocaine


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Eatonville town worker was arrested after police said he stole a town-owned truck and tried to trade it for crack-cocaine.

    WFTV found out that because of the crime the mayor has now asked that every town employee be tested for drugs.

    Alex Donald was a public works employee for the town of Eatonville. He was arrested early Sunday morning after stealing a town-owned truck in the middle of the night and then went straight to his drug dealer.

    According to authorities, Donald stole the truck in an attempt to get a fix.

    "What was going through your head as all of this was happening?" WFTV's Kenneth Craig asked.

    "Let me tell you something, relapse. I relapsed. I was urging. I was urging for crack," said Donald. "And once I relapsed I was off to the races."

    "I was feigning. If you've never did crack, you would not understand," he said.

    Police said Donald handed the truck over to the dealer in an exchange for more crack-cocaine. They said the dealer took off and never came back.

    Donald was arrested the next morning after he called his own supervisor to turn himself in.

    Authorities didn't find the truck until Wednesday.

    "I regret it. I definitely regret it. I wish I could do it all over again and do it different. But I can't," said Donald.

    Donald claims he never traded the truck for crack and said he just let his dealer borrow the truck.

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