Questions surround Lynx CEO amid company's financial issues

Central Florida?€™s transit agency is $21 million in the hole.

ORLANDO, Fl. — Lynx staff are not only wondering if they'll be able to keep their jobs during the comapny's struggles, but also if Chief Executive Officer Edward Johnson will keep his $195,000 salary.

Johnson hasn't had a performance evaluation in the three years that he's been with Lynx.

The embattled CEO will have to explain to the board on Thursday how the company gathered $21 million in debt, according to documents.

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When pressed about the financial issues earlier in January, Johnson referred Channel 9 to Bob Francis, the company's chief financial officer. Francis told Channel 9 the debt came to be with expense increases.

"So there was no misspending, no money going where it shoudln't," said Francis. "Oh no no, it's just increases in some of the expenses."

The company brought up the option for counties who use their services to help contribute in bailing them out of the debt.

While Johnson's contract doesn't end until September, board members will have to decide by June if he will remain with the company or else his contract will automatically renew for another year.