• Rash of thefts leave truckers stalled, fuming


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An unusual rash of thefts is taking place in Orange County. And some say they could lead to higher prices at the local grocery store.

    Investigators said thieves are stealing Electronic Control Modules, called ECMs, from tractor-trailers. They said without the units the trucks are inoperable.

    The units cost about $3,000.

    Investigators said the units are being stolen from trucks all over south Orange County.

    "I'm very upset about it," said one truck owner.

    She said the ECM was stolen from her truck as it sat in a yard along Boggy Creek Road.

    The ECM is essentially an on-board computer near the engine.

    "It can't move. It can't run. It can't start up. It can't do anything. It totally disables the truck," the truck owner said.

    When the trucks don't move, neither does their cargo.

    "So you've got commodity that needs to get to the receiving people and you can't move it. So you're stuck," said the truck owner.

    She said that will force some merchants to raise prices.

    The Orange County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incidents.

    One truck owner told WFTV's Ryan Hughes that they know of at least 30 ECM thefts in Orange County in the past few weeks.

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    Rash of thefts leave truckers stalled, fuming