• Reality Check: New Scott ad airing before Clinton, Crist fundraiser


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Charlie Crist once called President Bill Clinton a liar and said he should resign. But tomorrow night Crist and Clinton will be united for a common cause, raising money.

    The pairing of the former Florida governor and former president is the focus of a Republican Party ad targeting Crist.

    Channel 9 investigative reporter Christopher Heath is putting the ad to the test

    Heath said there is a definite theme emerging in the race between Crist and Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

    It's no secret that Crist used to be a Republican the latest ad, like others from Scott's PAC, are using Crist's own words against him.

    Clinton will be in Miami on Tuesday where he'll resign himself to the roll of fundraiser for Democrats, including Crist, a former Republican turned Democrat.

    "It's an effort to attack the trustworthiness of Charlie Crist," said WFTV political analyst Rick Foglesong.

    Foglesong said he gives the ad an "A" for accuracy and effectiveness.

    He said Crist's record is fair game, especially for the Republican party, which is now working to take down the same man it once backed.

    "It's chipping away at the favorable image that voters have of Charlie Crist," said Foglesong.

    But the ad, which will only air in Miami, may be targeting more than just Crist.

    Foglesong said potential donors will also see the ad before the fundraiser.

    "Who knows, maybe they're write smaller checks for the new Democrat Charlie Crist," said Foglesong.

    The Democratic Party pointed out that Tuesday's fundraiser is for all Democrats, not just Crist.

    Clinton and Crist have worked together previously when they helped U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson get reelected.

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    Reality Check: New Scott ad airing before Clinton, Crist fundraiser