• Red light cameras could come to Clermont


    CLERMONT, Fla. - At some of the most congested intersections in Clermont red light runners could soon be caught on camera.
    "If somebody runs a red light they deserve a ticket," said Ray Goodgame, a Clermont City Council member.

    Goodgame said he expects his fellow council members to move forward with plans to install red light cameras.

    Use of the cameras was approved by the Florida legislature in 2011.

    Details like costs and contracts with a vendor are still up in the air, according to Goodgame, but he said he knows where he'd put the cameras.

    "U.S. 27 at Hook Street, State Road 50 and Hancock, State Road 50 and Citrus Tower, those are three of the big ones," said Goodgame.

    Goodgame said those intersections are some of the busiest in town, and the most likely to see accidents. But some of those who spoke to WFTV said the cameras could cause more accidents.

    "A lot of people have had accidents trying to stop at a red light because they're afraid it's going to be a situation where they're going to get a ticket and it's caused other people to rear-end them," said resident Alec Strickland. 

    Some drivers say that risk is better than running the red light.   

    "I'm for it. They need to do it, because there are a lot of people running red lights and killing innocent people," said driver Bibi Jagroop.

    Goodgame said the goal of the red light cameras is accident prevention, not a source of income for the city..

    "What do you say to people who say this is more about revenue than about safety?" WFTV reporter Karla Ray asked Goodgame.

    "Well, if they're in an accident and they get T-boned and they'll change their mind," said Goodgame. 

    The Clermont City Council will discuss the cameras during its December 11 meeting.

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