• Report shows red light cameras make less money than expected


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - They're designed to keep drivers safe, but new numbers show Orange County is making far less money on red light cameras than expected.

    Nearly 40 red light cameras were installed at intersections across the Orange County and officials said $800,000 is what the county has to show for turning out tickets at $158 apiece.

    Tuesday, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs was not happy when she realized what the county's cut means.

    "Here I am, I want to put that money back into those intersections and don't have any money put back because the state is taking close to half of it. And, the vendor who provides the camera takes close to half, leaving us with very little money left over," she said.

    The reality came to light during Tuesday's commission meeting where staff members prepared to discuss with commissioners the plans to put that money back into improving dangerous intersections.

    "To make visibility better, to make awareness better; anything we can do to improve the safety," Jacobs said.

    A recent study showed the cameras in Orange County reduced the number of crashes by 14 percent.

    But, numbers WFTV obtained show after the state and the company that installs the cameras, the county is only left with 15 percent of the revenue.

    That means $800,000 for the last three years.

    "I think going back to the legislature and having that conversation, 'What are you doing with your 40 percent, and can we have that back to apply to those intersections where it's collected to make them safer?'" said Jacobs.  


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