• Parents not notified of Clermont student's alleged plot to kill teachers, self


    CLERMONT, Fla. - A middle school student in Clermont is accused of plotting to kill several of his teachers, and then himself, school officials said.

    On Monday, deputies were called to East Ridge Middle School in response to reports of a child with a knife.

    WFTV found out parents were not notified about the incident, becasue school officials said that no one was in danger and they did not want to incite fear.

    Officials said the situation was handled by the teacher and deputy "perfectly." They said they don't regret their decision not to tell parents in this case.

    One parent said, "We're the last ones to find out. How do you think w're going ot handle it? We're going to be very upset over it. I'm actually livid."

    Officials said that the student is undergoing a mental health evaluation, and no charges have been filed.

    As officers talked to the student, they said he handed over a black book with a map of the school and Xs marking the spots where he would stab five of his teachers.

    He also allegedly planned to go to the cafeteria and kill himself in front of his classmates.

    “He said this kid pulled out a huge knife and he said, ‘I’m gonna kill every single one of these teachers,’” said student Dylan Schooley.

    Parent Al Smith said he was very disturbed by the incident.

    “I mean, with everything that goes on nowadays, you take these things very seriously,” Smith said.

    The report said the teen had detailed notes on how he would enter the building through a grassy area, kill people in the front office, then move on to the teachers.

    WFTV learned the student had been suspended for 10 days before the incident.

    “People will talk about this school now and it’s a good school. I’ve never heard something this serious here,” said student Daisha Kelley.

    Investigators said they searched his home and didn't find anything else suspicious. His father said they do not have any guns in the house and added that he is concerned about his son.

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    Parents not notified of Clermont student's alleged plot to kill teachers, self