• Orange County residents concerned about neighbor's aggressive dogs


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Some residents in an Orange County neighborhood said they're living in fear because of a neighbor's aggressive dogs.

    WFTV was there when Orange County Animal Services showed up to catch the dogs, which had escaped from their owner's yard.

    Neighbors said the dogs have been getting loose on Pinewood Drive since July 2013.

    "One time I heard the mail lady screaming on top of her lungs. She was throwing mail and hitting it with sticks," resident Stacy Scovanner said.

    A few residents said they would rather stay inside to avoid running into the dogs.

    "Hopefully we don't make the next news story by getting attacked," an unidentified homeowner said. "I don't want to be the next casualty."

    According to neighbors, Animal Services has visited the home where the dogs live several times. Monday evening, an animal services officer seized one of the loose dogs and searched for the other.

    "Did anybody see which way he ran?" Officer Kimberly Duncan asked.

    Complaints about the dogs have made it all the way to Orange County Commissioner Fred Brummer. He directed the head of Animal Services to look into the problem.

    The dogs' owner was not located by Animal Services during Monday's incident. Officials said he'll most likely be fined, but will be allowed to keep the animals.

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    Orange County residents concerned about neighbor's aggressive dogs