Residents of Sanford neighborhood worry black bears are becoming too comfy in backyards

SANFORD, Fla. — Residents of a Sanford neighborhood are worried some black bears, whp are showing up in their backyards more than ever before, are becoming too comfortable in their community.

Rosemary Wuenschell lives in the area. Thirty minutes after her husband refilled their bird feeder Tuesday morning, the couple saw a black bear having a snack in their backyard.

“Since Sept. 25 was the last video I took of him. That's when we took the bird feeder down,” said Wuenschell. “Thought it was safe to put it back up today. Not.”

For the last three weeks, the Wuenschell’s neighbors have reported seeing a black bear every day, which they say has never happened before.

“For as big as they are, they're quiet. You don't realize. You turn around. There they are,” said Sharon Camps, who lives in the neighborhood.

Neighbors describe seeing the bears climb on top of fences and break them.

In one yard, the bears jumped the fence and landed next to a playset, which is why Camps said children living in the neighborhood can’t play outside.

“We're afraid to go outside because, like, if the bear comes around, what if we're still out there and he comes?” said Macayla Camps.