• Residents say black bears terrorizing Altamonte Springs neighborhood


    ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. - For a group of black bears, an Altamonte Springs neighborhood seems to have become their playground. But their fun is starting to take its toll on residents.

    Recently a 600-pound bear mowed down a chain-link fence at the end of a densely populated street.

    Residents said the bears have knocked over garbage cans and instilled fear in those who live in the area.

    "I come out here all the time, and sometimes I have to take the trash out, and I'm scared at night that the bear will come out and attack me," said resident Michelle Meadows.

    Some residents said they've called the Florida Wildlife Commission repeatedly for weeks.

    On Tuesday, a biologist set a trap in the area not far from State Road 436.

    "He was almost caught. He went in. He was crawling in. His back legs were almost in, and something moved and spooked him a bit, and he backed back out," said resident John Kopack.

    One neighbor said the bear took a liking to his orange tree and ate around a dozen oranges.

    The Florida Wildlife Commission has told residents to keep all garbage cans indoors.

    Neighbors are keeping close eyes on their pets after a woman claims a bear  took a swipe at her dog.

    "It does get disconcerting when you have to get out that early, and you don't know where the bear's at," said resident Rheanna Ellis.

    Florida Wildlife Commission said it will keep the trap out for a couple more nights.

    They said if the large bear is caught, it will be put down because it's a possible danger to people.

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    Residents say black bears terrorizing Altamonte Springs neighborhood