• 2 wild hogs causing big problems for College Park residents


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Some people in the College Park area of Orlando said their neighborhood has turned into a pigsty with at least two wild boars rummaging through yards, making a mess and tearing up the grass.

    A trapper was called to the neighborhood to help as residents said they’re tired of the damage being done around Lake Silver.

    "He's torn up yards all over, about 50-feet wide," said one resident.

    A trapper was called in by a school board member because some of the territory included Edgewater High School.

    Some residents said they've seen the boars but have not been able to capture any pictures or video of them.

    Tommy Burnes, who attends Edgewater High School, said he's trying to root out what he believes to be a mother and baby pig.

    Burnes and a friend have spent days trying to track the fast-running pigs that run through the shallow waters but they've not had much success.

    Burnes said he's not sure what he'll do if he comes face to face with one of the huge hogs.

    "I know I cannot shoot the pig," said Burnes. "It's not legal to shoot a firearm in the city. I do know I can stab it if I get close enough."

    Burnes said he hopes it doesn't come to that but knows the animals can be very aggressive.

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    2 wild hogs causing big problems for College Park residents