• Residents say coyotes killing pets in College Park


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Some residents in College Park are concerned that coyotes are killing their pets. One woman said she lost her cat to a coyote.
    The coyotes were spotted in the area of Stetson and Yates streets.            
    Residents told Channel 9's Shannon Butler that dead cats, that appear to have been attacked and killed, have been found in the neighborhood. They said several other cats have disappeared.
    "I just kind of wanted to know," said resident Sharon Trapp.
    Trapp said her cat, which goes by the name Bob Cat, has been missing for several days.
    Trapp said her cat is old and might have just taken his last few days to himself, but with news of coyotes in the neighborhood she is starting to wonder if it's something more.
    "I'm concerned about it. I'm just not going to panic," said Trapp.
    For some, the mystery was solved by photos of a coyote walking down Stetson Street at about the same time a young neighborhood cat was killed. Now warnings are going up all over the area to try and make people aware.
    Trapp said she has lived in the area for eight years and has never seen or heard coyotes.
    Residents said they have been told that the coyotes will not be removed and they have been told the best way to protect their pets is to keep them indoors at night.
    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials provided Channel 9 with reports that show just a dozen complaints of nuisance coyotes in the central Florida area.

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    Residents say coyotes killing pets in College Park