• Despite $100K bond, suspect in fatal day care crash unlikely to leave jail soon


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The man accused of causing a deadly day care crash said he doesn't deserve to be in jail.
    Attorneys for Robert Corchado told a judge on Monday that there is no evidence Corchado was behind the wheel of the SUV that is believed to have caused a car to crash into an Orange County day care center, killing a 4-year-old girl and injuring 14 others. The SUV then fled the scene.

    Corchado turned himself in to authorities last Thursday, a day after they said his vehicle crashed into a convertible, sending it spinning into the KinderCare day care center.

    The judge asked him Corchado what he was doing after the crash.
    Channel 9's Kathi Belich reports that Corchado mumbled a lot and dodged questions about whether he was driving the Dodge Durango that reportedly caused the crash, and how long afterward he rented another vehicle and took off. 
    He pushed back when the state pressed him, insinuating he didn't find out about this until later. 
    Corchado, a convicted felon and alleged Latin Kings gang member, was trying to convince the judge to lower his bond.
    "Who would you live with?" defense attorney Danny Tumarkin asked Corchado in court.
    "With my, my mother," Corchado replied.
    Prosecutors wanted his $100,000 bond raised to $250,000. They said they had received a tip that Corchado was planning to flee to South America.
    Corchado kept his head down during much of the nearly one-hour hearing.
    He told the judge he shouldn't be considered a flight risk because he turned himself in.
    "I turned myself in as soon as the bondsman came to get me," said Corchado
    Corchado is accused of ramming a car on Goldenrod Road last week, sending it crashing into the KinderCare day care as the children were having their afternoon snacks.
    Four-year-old Lily Quintus was killed, more than a dozen others, mostly children, were hurt.

    A state trooper was called as a witness and he stated, "[The] defendant did not slow down and rear-ended the vehicle. The right front bumper [of the defendant's car] was left at the scene."  

    The trooper also said that the other driver was rear-ended so hard that the impact sent the Solara into the day care. FHP said the driver of the Solara was pulling into the parking lot of the day care.

    Today Corchado was evasive when a prosecutor asked whether he ever reached out personally to law enforcement after finding out the crash had killed a child.
    "You did not make any efforts to directly contact law enforcement, correct?" the prosecutor asked Corchado.
    "Say it again," Corchado said.

    "From April the 9th at 3 p.m. until April the 10th at 4 p.m., you at no time made any effort to contact law enforcement, correct?" the prosecutor asked.
    "I turned myself in," Corchado said.
    Corchado's bail bondsman told Belich that Corchado's family has been working to get together bond money.
    Officials said if Corchado posts his $100,000 bond he won't get out of jail. They said he will go directly to the Seminole County Jail, where his previous bond has been revoked.

    Belich asked WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer is there is a chance Corchado could convince a judge in Seminole County to reinstate his bond.

    Sheaffer said he would expect Seminole County to set a high bond and said prosecutors would likely focus on the argument that Corchado is a danger to the community.

    "The fact that it appears he should have known the accident could have caused serious harm or death, and the evidence that he fled the scene," said Sheaffer.

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    Despite $100K bond, suspect in fatal day care crash unlikely to leave jail soon