• Rockledge Airport shut down due to safety concerns


    ROCKLEDGE, Fla. - Officials said they have shut down the Rockledge Airport because some pilots there violated rules that put people’s safety at risk.

    The Florida Department of Transportation lined the runway with yellow X’s, showing that the runway is closed.
    "My son, we would sit out here and watch them fly all the time and now it's, he asked my dad where did the planes go?" resident Jamey Orsborn said.
    FDOT said they sent pilots at the airport a cease and desist letter because they were landing planes on the grass next to the runway and approaching from the East over Orsborn’s neighborhood.
    Officials said both are a direct violation of the airport’s site approval.
    “They are grounded for no reason,” Brevard County resident Erskine Brewington said.
    Brewington said he is friends with some of the pilots and they’ve been operating safely there for years.
    "They are flying their patterns right, they are landing right," Brewington said.
    The state said it "shall revoke the registration if it determines that the airport has become either unsafe, or unusable for flight operation."
    "I can understand where they are coming from, you know, any safety concerns, I don’t want a plane flying into my house," Orsborn said.
    The airport will remain closed until the conflict is presented to a judge.

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