• Sanford grandmother speaks out against gun violence after bullets barrage grandson's bedroom

    By: Lauren Seabrook


    SANFORD, Fla. - When five bullets flew into the bedroom of Franca McQueen’s grandson early Friday, she knew it was time to speak up. 

    "This is where the coward stood and pulled the trigger. One, two, three, four, five,” she said. 

    McQueen’s grandson, 8-year-old Brendon Christian, already has a bullet in his body after surviving a shooting that killed his mother, Latina Herring, and his 8-year-old brother in March. 

    Brendon moved into his father’s home after the shooting—only to have five bullets fly over his head while he slept early Friday. 

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    "I'm 55 years old and no bullet ever come my way. For this child to experience it twice, what the hell is wrong with people?" McQueen said. 

    Sanford police say Herring’s ex-boyfriend, Allen Cashe, pulled the trigger of an AK-47 and shot most of Brendon’s family, as well as two people walking by, in March.

    McQueen is still reeling from another close brush with gun violence just nine months later, still mourning the loss of her other grandchild. 

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    "This was last Christmas. I can't duplicate this picture this year because he's gone. I have to duplicate it like this,” said McQueen. 

    "I'm calling for all mothers, please listen to me. Until this ends up in your living room, you ain't got nothing to say,” she added. 

    This year has been the deadliest year for murders in Sanford in the last decade. 

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    Nine people have been murdered in the city, compared to five last year and two the year before, police said. 

    "Sanford Police Department cannot do this by themselves. They need help from inside the house. We all got to help each other with these kids,” said McQueen. 

    McQueen said her grandson couldn’t sleep last night, still healing mentally from dodging five more bullets in his home. 

    "These are children. Leave them alone. Leave these kids alone,” said McQueen. 

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