• Sanford officer who left man bloody after using Taser cleared of wrongdoing


    SANFORD, Fla. - 9 Investigates found out the Sanford police officer whose actions put a man in the hospital was cleared of any wrongdoing.

    Sanford resident Sam Fuller was badly hurt in July when he was hit with a Taser and landed flat on his face after officers said he tried to run away.

    Channel 9's Karla Ray had been requesting the internal investigation paperwork for months.

    The police chief himself called for the investigation to convince residents of his commitment to transparency within the department.

    He wanted to make sure there were no issues within the Goldsboro community where the incident took place, but according to the internal affairs investigation, Fuller's injuries were nothing more than the result of resisting arrest.

    Just-released video shows the moments after Fuller fell on his face in July after being hit with a Taser by a Sanford police officer.

    Investigators said the officer was trying to stop Fuller from running after he was seen gambling in the street.

    A three-month internal investigation concluded Officer Brian McIntosh was justified when he used his Taser.

    "The circumstances of him using the Taser was within the policy of Sanford Police Department," Police Chief Cecil Smith said over the phone.

    A copy of the policy shows officers are allowed to use Tasers even before they use their hands to stop someone during an arrest.

    The fall put Fuller in the hospital. His attorney, Shayan Modarres, said he's been fitted for dentures after his teeth were knocked loose when he fell.

    "I think there's definitely some changes that need to be made to the policy," Modarres said.

    Modarres said the outcome of the internal investigation is a disappointment and the legal fight is not over.

    "There's no reason to deploy a Taser at that point, especially aiming at the back of the head," Modarres said.

    Smith said he stands by the investigation and his officer.

    "Had Mr. Fuller not run away from the officers during the course of them performing their duties, none of this situation would've happened," Smith said.

    Fuller's attorney said he's looking into a possible excessive force lawsuit against the department as well as a civil rights suit.

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    Sanford officer who left man bloody after using Taser cleared of wrongdoing