• Sanford residents say eyesore home is danger to community


    SANFORD, Fla. - Seminole County has been trying to clean up a dangerous eyesore that has residents complaining.

    Code enforcement started looking into the property in Sanford's Bookertown community in 2009 and since then, the property has racked up more than $150,000 in fines.

    Charlie Morgan has lived in Bookertown since he was a boy and said there's a sense of pride in the old farm community, but neighbors said one home is bringing the community down.

    "I think a lot of this place," Morgan said.

    The home at the center of the community controversy has grass and weeds several feet high surrounding the property, the roof is caving in and there are weeds growing out of it.

    "I don't think much can be done with that place," said Morgan. "If it were my place, I would push it down and put a nicer house there."
    Channel 9 pulled county records, which show code enforcement has been checking on the house for years. In 2011, officers started fining the owner $250 a day and in February 2014, the owner will owe more than $250,000.

    The property appraiser's website values the home at $10,000, Channel 9 learned.

    When Channel 9 got hold of the homeowner by phone, he only said that code enforcement knows why the property isn’t being cleaned up. He then hung up.

    Morgan is hoping the homeowner can make a deal with the county so the neighborhood can recapture some of its glory.

    Code enforcement officials are expected to meet with the homeowner next month about the case.

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    Sanford residents say eyesore home is danger to community