• Scammers pretend to be IRS, threaten Orange County woman


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County woman said someone posing as an Internal Revenue Service worker tried to scare her into handing over cash, but she listened to the voicemail and knew something wasn’t right.

    Leslie Gill was shocked when she got a voicemail from a man claiming to work for the IRS.

    "There is a notice issued on your name, and there are serious allegations onto your name by the crime investigation of IRS.  It is a matter of urgency," the massage said.

    Gill said the message went on to say the police department and the IRS are doing a criminal investigation, but she told Channel 9 she has paid her taxes properly for decades.

    Gill said the message sounded fishy, so she reached out to her CPA and explained what happened. After doing some digging, they discovered it was a scam.

     "I was flabbergasted because I thought to myself, we pay our taxes regularly," she said.

    Orlando tax attorney Charlotte Erdmann listened to the message and said she knew right away it wasn't legit.

    "They're trying to get money," said Erdmann. "They're trying to say there will be criminal charges against you, that you will go to jail." 

    Erdmann said the scam is on the IRS's list of the dirty dozen.

    If the IRS wants to talk with you, they'll send you letters and if you don't respond, they'll lien or levy your property and you'll find out that way, she said.

    Channel 9's Myrt Price called the number and explained he was a reporter and the IRS, Better Business Bureau and a tax attorney said they're scamming people. The caller told Price not to call back and hung up the phone.

    The tax attorney said the scheme is a huge problem and thieves have used it to steal millions from unsuspecting victims all across the country.

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    Scammers pretend to be IRS, threaten Orange County woman