School bus turned food truck keeps things fun, fresh for Orange County students

A food truck is keeping things fresh and fun during lunchtime at Orange County schools.
The Orange County School District said it's trying to get more students to eat school lunches instead of a packed lunch, so, OCPS renovated an old school bus and turned it into a food truck.
Each day, the food truck visited a different elementary, middle and high school during the summer programs. 

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 "The days of us just being able to just open the doors and expecting students to just come in and eat are gone. We have to keep competitive to get and keep our customers and to keep them happy," food and nutrition services area manager Jennifer Smith said.
Chefs on the food truck can prepare the meals to order. The students have their meals and give feedback to the district.
If the meal passes, it will be featured on the school lunch menu.
Freedom High School student Joseph Amaya said he loved the concept because it’s another option that will hopefully cut down long lunch lines.
 "It could be anywhere between either five minutes to maybe 30 minutes. The entirety of lunch probably. I remember it would go to the back of the cafeteria sometimes," Amaya said.
The plan is to get the food truck and bus to area schools throughout the year.