• Scrap-yard manager accused of taking in stolen metals


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Investigators believe an Orange County recycling plant may have been accepting stolen metal after several questionable items were found in the .scrap yard.

    Channel 9 went to ES Recycling on Orange Blossom Trail after manager Hung Tran was arrested.

    According to reports, the business was given several warnings to make sure they were following strict laws to keep stolen items out, but investigators said Tran broke several laws that keep stolen scrap metal from being sold.

    "If (thieves) don't have any place to go with it, and they can't sell it, then they lose all motivation to steal in the first place," said Brian Hazlewood of Trademark Metals Recycling.

    Hazlewood said he found major red flags that included restricted items deputies found at ES.

    "Specifically, backflow valves," said Hazlewood. "There isn't an individual that should have that type of material."

    When someone sells scrap metal at TMR, several cameras are recording their every move, including a camera on the ceiling that shows what the person is selling.

    However, at ES Recycling, all the cameras were pointed in the wrong direction, authorities said.

    The report also said ES didn't even have customers sign a mandatory form stating the scrap items weren't stolen.

    "It is frustrating when we're trying to do the right thing," said Hazlewood.

    Investigators weren't able to determine if the items they found were stolen, partly because reports show the business didn't have the correct documentation of the purchases.

    Tran told Channel 9 he felt his arrest was unjust.

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    Scrap-yard manager accused of taking in stolen metals