SeaWorld spurns orca protection bill

SeaWorld Orlando has worked hard to change its image in the wake of the "Blackfish" documentary. Among those changes was the end of its orca breeding program.
However, as Channel 9’s Jamie Holmes has discovered, SeaWorld has lobbied against The Florida Orca Protection Act, which would have made it a Florida law to permanently stop whale breeding in captivity.
The bill was intended to outlaw whale breeding in captivity and eliminate the public shows, a policy SeaWorld has already voluntarily adopted.

ORLANDO, Fla. — California has already passed a similar bill; however, SeaWorld lobbied hard against the Florida version claiming the law was unnecessary because they already adhere to it.

Officials with the Animal Legal Defense Fund (which helped get the bill sponsored) said this leaves open a window for SeaWorld to reverse its own policy and implement whale breeding programs in the future.