SeaWorld's 'Infinity Falls' opens, park announces upcoming attractions

There are some major announcements coming out of SeaWorld Orlando.
Theme park officials announced Thursday a new water ride is coming to Aquatica next year, and they also released details on the new pricing on annual prices.
The announcements came the same day the theme park officially opened its new ride, "Infinity Falls."
Infinity Falls is just one part of the park's push to feature more rides and attractions--and fewer animals.  
The new, five-minute ride with a 40-foot drop is a sign the park is moving away from animals and toward rides. 
“Six Flags likes to add at least one new ride to every park every year. And we are seeing SeaWorld shift that kind of mentality that they want to add something new to every park,” said theme park financial analyst Rick Munarriz.  
Munarriz said the move is one way park leaders are moving forward after the "Blackfish" documentary and into a new chapter. 
“It has the right ingredients, right stop, the turnaround kind of story that people like,” said Munarriz. “And obviously, the stock more than doubled this year, that's rewarding them. But clearly, there's more flexibility."
And with "Infinity Falls" opening, the park is also getting ready to cater to all audiences. 
With the new KareKare Curl ride in 2019 and Sesame Street land in 2022, many believe SeaWorld is making significant changes. 
The park also announced it’s cutting prices on annual passes. 
Florida residents can now get the passes for $9.99 a month.
“Something that SeaWorld is doing is that they're taking the same ride in Virginia or in Texas or California, moving it to Orlando,” said Munarriz. 
SeaWorld officials said the preliminary numbers of its third quarter report showed attendance is up 10 perfect, or by about 700,000 guests.