Security guard allegedly brandished gun during disturbance at Leesburg dance competition

Video shows security guard brandishing gun during disturbance at Leesberg dance competition

LEESBURG, Fla. — Leesburg police are continuing to investigate after video revealed a security guard hired for a dance competition pulled out her weapon twice during a commotion.

Officials said chaos ensued after a dance group participating in the Mad Masquerade Dance Competition inside the Leesburg High School Gym was disqualified. Police said even after their disqualification, members of the group decided to take the trophies and exit.

Security staffers then went after the group, with one guard brandishing her gun twice.

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Fireworks being set off caused greater panic at the event, as some in attendance feared it was gunshots.

The school district told Channel 9 non-school events typically don't have security personnel. The Mad Masquerade Dance Competition was not organized by the school.

Officials are trying to determine if the security company and security guard were licensed to provide armed services at the property.

The district told Channel 9 it plans to take another look at policy following the investigation.