• Seminole Co. school board approves $794K to fix football stadium


    Seminole County school board members just approved spending $794,000 to fix up a football stadium at Lake Brantley High School.

    From the outside, the seats at the stadium look fine, but school facilities manager Brian Shafer said dripping water says otherwise.

    "When you see that, you want to go ahead and repair that as quickly as possible," Shafer said.

    WFTV learned the stadium is still safe for students and families, but the school board is spending the money to spruce it up.

    The district has more football-related fixes in the works.

    Fixing lights at the Oviedo High School stadium will take about $80,000, and Seminole High School will spend more than half a million dollars to upgrade its stadium.

    Lisa Price lives near Longwood Elementary. The school was shut down in 2011 to save the district a million dollars.

    "I think it's ridiculous. I think education should come first," Price said.

    "I feel upset because we try to teach our children that education comes first, and whatever else – hobbies -- comes after, but they're just showing them otherwise.”

    Shafer said the repair is justified.

    "Do you think it's worth spending $800,000 to fix it if it's not an urgent fix?" said Channel 9's Karla Ray.

    "I do. This (stadium) is an integral part of our student body," Shafer said.

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