• Seminole County deputy Facebook comments draw criticism


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - The deputy who responded to the crash that prompted George Zimmerman to pull over is under fire over Facebook comments.

    Zimmerman was acquitted recently in the death of Trayvon Martin.

    Seminole County road patrol Deputy Patrick Rehder had been on the force for just five months when posts from his Facebook set off controversy.

    After a traffic stop on Father's Day, Rehder posted on Facebook, "I don't ever want to here all cops are (expletive) ever again. I let off a father who was on his way back from the beach on Father’s Day. It just so happens that the guy was an illegal alien, with an 4-year expired license. However, he is better then the (expletive) bums that don’t work, and don’t support their family. At least this man has a job, pays taxes and supports his family.”

    The posts caught the eye of the Sheriff's Office, as well as concerned citizens, who emailed Eyewitness News.

    "I don't think he should be posting anything on that. It's one of those jobs that you're supposed to have confidentiality. I don't think he was respecting his badge at that time," Seminole County resident Tracey Garrant said.

    He also made several posts about an all-white jury of women and media coverage of the Zimmerman trial.

    The Sheriff's Office said Rehder didn't violate any policies, but was counseled about his postings.

    "You got to be careful, what you put out there," Jiselle Cabral said.

    Thursday, his Facebook page had been taken down.

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    Seminole County deputy Facebook comments draw criticism