• Seminole County officials warn public of scam asking payment for missing jury duty

    By: Jeff Levkulich


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Seminole County deputies are warning the public of a jury scam that sounds so real people have been turning themselves in, even though they haven't committed a crime.

    Officials said some people have been receiving phone calls from someone pretending to be with the Sheriff's Office claiming they missed jury duty and would demand payment. 

    Investigators said those calls led to five people showing up to turn themselves in at the Sanford office.

    One woman was even tricked out of $1,700 after she bought money cards and provided them to the imposters over the phone. The woman was eventually able to receive her money back after she tipped off the post office of the fraud.

    Officials said the scam is seemingly targeting those from all walks of life.

    "I had a lady who was mid-career, very well-educated and she just wanted to turn herself in," said Deputy Andrew Pozada. "It's really heart-wrenching to see how many people it's affecting."

    The calls come from an automated service, making it sound more legitimate, according to officials. 

    The sheriff warned that if you receive any call from someone claiming to be from the Sheriff's Office, to hang up the phone immediately. 

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