• Seminole County upgrade results in smelly water


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Seminole County spent nearly $30 million to improve water quality, but only Eyewitness News found out the water actually smells worse.

    WFTV asked county officials what went wrong.

    Officials said the system is eventually going to work, but right now, it's breaking apart sludge in the pipes that's making the smell so much worse for thousands of homeowners nearby.

    Resident Ross Brummett says washing dishes is more of a pain than ever.

    "Thirty seconds of running the sink will make it stink for a half hour," said Brummett.

    Eyewitness News found out that's because the county switched to a $28 million system called O-Zone, which puts more oxygen in the water.

    The upgrade was supposed to make the water smell and taste better, but the oxygen is breaking apart sludge in the pipes, which is releasing a rotten egg smell.

    "Brushing your teeth, coffee, all that, you can't use the sink water for it," he said.

    But Brummett is not alone; 23,000 homes and businesses are affected in the southeast service area, which covers large sections of Casselberry and Oviedo.

    Officials said they are working around the clock to fix the problem.

    But, until then, Brummett's family, including the cat, have to keep using bottled water.

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    Seminole County upgrade results in smelly water