• Seminole County deputy accused of trying to meet underage girl for sex


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A Seminole County deputy was arrested Friday, accused of trying to meet a teenage girl for sex.
    Investigators said that David Rodriguez, 28, had an online relationship with a 17-year-old.
    According to Rodriguez' arrest report, he admitted he had an online relationship with a young girl. They both seemed to have karate in common.
    According to police Rodriguez's conversations with the girl went from innocent to inappropriate.
    Rodriguez is also a manager at a karate studio. A sign on the door of the business Friday said it was closed for personal reasons.
    Rodriguez was an instructor who was busy going to tournaments across the state.
    Investigators said the girl told them that's where she met Rodriguez. According to investigators, the girl said she and Rodriguez met several years ago but the online relationship was recent.
    The arrest affidavit said the two began texting a year ago and this year they began to chat on Facebook.
    According to investigators, the girl's father said he saw that his daughter had sent the Rodriguez  pictures of her in karate class when she was just a little girl.
    They said he saw this message from Rodriguez: "Now you're just something I want to ravage."
    They said he then asked if that was OK with the girl.
    According to investigators, the girl replied, "I mean it's fine with me."
    Rodriguez's reply was "Sweet," investigators said.
    Investigators learned that Rodriguez is a Seminole County deputy, married and a new father.
    Neighbors who were told of the news said it was hard to believe.
    "I don't feel safe at all, especially for my grandchildren. They are here all the time. They are here on vacation right now so this doesn't make me happy," one neighbor said.
    According to investigators, during an interview with Rodriguez he told them he had never met the girl for sex.
    The report said that those meetings were scheduled, but the girl canceled.

    Right now investigators in Indian River County, where the girl lives, said they don't believe Rodriguez had similar relationships with any others.

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