• Shellie Zimmerman's attorney talks about domestic dispute


    SANFORD, Fla. - Shellie Zimmerman's lawyer said during a news conference Wednesday, his client had every reason to think her husband George Zimmerman was armed during a domestic dispute on Monday.

    Aside from mentioning Siegfried and Roy, Clint Eastwood and "getting into his Batmobile," attorney Kelly Sims held the news conference to talk about the confrontation and why Shellie called 911 to say George had a gun.

    "The hand is inside there, inside the shirt. The guy's bent over and saying, 'Step closer, step closer,' inviting some action," said Sims.

    Police responded to Shellie's 911 call and handcuffed George Zimmerman.

    "Anybody in the world who knows their husband is always armed, has his shirt worn differently, has a brand new holster where this would be where he'd be placing his hand and he's inviting some trouble, would know that he's probably armed. You don't want to take a chance," said Kelly.

    Sims said he told Shellie it was OK for her to record video on her iPad while she was at the house.

    Sims said Shellie called him and he headed to the location.

    "I get into the Batmobile and head over," Sims said.

    Officers said George Zimmerman was not carrying a gun.

    Police released the incident report Wednesday afternoon.

    Police said that no domestic violence charges will be filed against George or Shellie Zimmerman anytime soon, if ever. They said the iPad evidence was nearly destroyed.

    "The iPad is in really bad shape. Don't have tools to look at video on the iPad. It could take months or weeks to get video off iPad," said Zach Hudson of the Lake Mary Police Department.

    The smashed iPad could hold clues into what really happened during the Zimmermans' domestic dispute, but police say they may never know.

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