• Sheriff Demings asking drivers to use caution at school crossings


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings took to social media to tell drivers to be more careful on the roadways after at least two children were hit by cars in the last two days.     

    The children were walking to school when they were hit, and that's the period of time Demings is referring to in a video posted online Tuesday night, asking drivers to be much more careful at school crossings.

    “Within the last few days, we've had two children who were hit by cars as they were crossing the roadway. Fortunately, the children were not badly injured,” said Demings.

    Demings’ video is part of a series that he has on the Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s website and their social media pages.

    “First, be aware of the school crossing guards, two to slow down and three to watch carefully as the children are crossing the roadways,” Demings said.

    The two injuries happened Monday and Tuesday.

    "I'm asking you the drivers to pay attention to our school crossing guards in the walkways as our children are crossing in the school zones," Demings said.

    The Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page says both kids narrowly avoided serious injuries.

    "They [drivers] definitely need to be reminded there are schools open, and they need to be slowing down in school zones, and not only in school zones, but areas where kids are not paying attention when they're crossing,” said Crossing guard coordinator Bertis Negron.

    School safety officials said drivers need to stay alert and slow down, even where crossing guards are not present.

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    Sheriff Demings asking drivers to use caution at school crossings