• Shoppers fall victim to skimming device on grocery store ATM


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Another skimming device was found at a central Florida grocery store over the weekend.

    Over the last few months, Channel 9 Eyewitness News has reported on more than half a dozen skimming devices at stores across central Florida.

    Investigators said card activity showed someone who stole card information from at least two people at an Ormond by the Sea Publix ATM was buying things in south Florida on the same day.

    One of the victims, Richard Fuhrman, said the thought of skimming devices didn't occur to him when he used the ATM Saturday.

    "There was a guy standing about 15 feet off and I held my hand up when I punched my PIN in so he couldn't see it. I didn't have the slightest idea that I was being scammed," said Fuhrman.

    The 78-year-old said he was tipped because someone had been pulling the maximum amount out of his account since Saturday -- $500 a day.

    A second customer's card information was stolen on the same day.

    Fuhrman said the Publix employees worked with deputies, but believes more could be done to catch skimmers.

    "They could use more cameras, better cameras maybe," said Fuhrman.

    Publix released a statement to WFTV in regard to their ATMs, known as Presto machines. In the statement they said, "Communicating what our strategy is to the media wouldn't be prudent. We want our customers to be assured Publix' Presto machines are safe and reliable."

    At least eight Publix ATMs have been compromised since the fall.

    "It is quite an inconvenience for me to worry about whether other cards or accounts have been scammed too," said Fuhrman.

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    Shoppers fall victim to skimming device on grocery store ATM