Sinkhole stabilizes after opening in neighborhood near Lake Mary

A sinkhole has stabilized after it opened Tuesday along a road near Lake Mary, the Seminole County Office of Emergency Management said.
A resident on Monday reported seeing water bubbling up beneath a home near Long Pond and Markham Woods roads, Seminole County emergency manager Alan Harris said.
Firefighters who investigated the incident also saw water bubbling up along the road, which typically indicates damage to a water main, Harris said.
Officials estimate that water service for several hundred homes in the area could be disrupted, but it's unknown if any homes have been affected.
Experts are trying to determine if the opening is a sinkhole or a depression caused by a damaged water main, Harris said.
Authorities have blocked off part of the area.
"Seminole County officials and private water utilities are on the scene to mitigate damage," the county said in a tweet Tuesday afternoon.
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