• Experts say 2 Villages homes threatened by sinkhole now safer than ever


    THE VILLAGES, Fla. - Engineers said two central Florida homes that were threatened by a 50-foot sinkhole, just two days ago, are now among the safest homes in the neighborhood.
    Crews have a much better idea of what the ground looks like beneath the homes. They said it took 40 truckloads of grout, a concrete mixture. to fill the hole that opened Saturday.
    Liz and Rich Corr have lived in The Villages for three years. They live next door to where the sinkhole opened.
    "Everybody told us about sinkholes and you don't believe it until it's right next door. It can really happen," Rich Corr said. 
    Crews rushed to save the two homes on Chalmer Terrace over the weekend. They said 5 million pounds of grout was pumped into the hole.
    "(The sinkhole was) very, very massive," said Jay Silver, president of Helicon Property Restoration.
    Silver said the sinkhole could have swallowed the homes.
    Crews said they will put steel pipes into the ground and pour in more grout to stabilize the area.
    Crews said the two homes were once very dangerous, but now might be some of the safest in the area.
    "Will people be able to live in these homes again?" Channel 9's Julie Salomone asked Silver.
    "Yes, most definitely. These houses, once we're done, they will be safer and solider than if nothing had been done before," said Silver.

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    Experts say 2 Villages homes threatened by sinkhole now safer than ever