• Hidden cash craze coming to Orlando? Not so fast


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A national craze that has people following Twitter clues to find hidden cash may not bee happening in Orlando after all.

    A man who was planning to hide envelopes full of money around the city appears to backing out of the giveaway, recently tweeting, " Pray for me and my wife, she's not on board with this idea. I won't continue without her blessing."

    The organizer's Twitter page was created Thursday and had more than 1,400 followers, but as of 6 p.m. Friday, the account was deleted after Channel 9's Racquel Asa reached out looking to get more information on the giveaway.

    Asa spoke to the person behind the @hiddencashorl giveaway and learned his plan was to stash the cash twice a day and give out location clues on Twitter.

    The man said he was inspired by @hiddencash, the California social media scavenger hunt that has been receiving national coverage. A millionaire started stashing cash on the West Coast and providing clues on social media for folks to find.

    Asa reached out to the man behind the Orlando campaign, who said he's not affiliated with the California giveaway but was simply inspired to do the same. Unlike the millionaire who solely uses his own money to hide, @hiddencashorl said he'll accept donations, which some people said was an immediate red flag.

    Public relations expert Sara Brady told Channel 9 it's easy for people to ride the viral social media wave, whether they're legitimate or not.

    "If you latch onto something that is already going and getting attention that's already viral, you can ride that wave for quite some time and especially if people buy into it," Brady said.

    The man behind @hiddencashorl wouldn't say where the money would have been coming from for his giveaway. His initial plan was to start posting clues on Saturday and hide $40-$60 in each envelope, but there's no word if he'll be following through or if the Twitter account will be reinstated.

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    Hidden cash craze coming to Orlando? Not so fast