Some drivers making dangerous turns after I-4 Ultimate change

It's been a little more than one day since crews closed the exit ramp at Amelia Street in Downtown Orlando and opened a new ramp as part of the I-4 Ultimate Project, and they've already had to make more changes.
I-4 Ultimate officials said they didn't anticipate how many drivers wouldn't follow intended movements when dealing with a new ramp that opened on Amelia Street Wednesday morning.

ORLANDO, Fla. — The change caused many drivers to make dangerous turns into oncoming traffic even though signs told them not to.

Some drivers would come off the ramp and turn right onto Colonial Drive and potentially into the path of oncoming traffic from those turning on Garland Avenue.

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Workers eventually blocked off the far right lane of the ramp Thursday morning to prevent potential crashes and blocked off the lane that would allow drivers to make a left turn onto Colonial.

Stu Kimball of Southeast Steel said he's having even more difficulty directing people to his business.

"So far we've had people calland we are trying to figure out how to give the best directions so that they can get here," said Kimball. "But it's not easy."

A new rendering details that the old Amelia Street ramp will return to its old spot once I-4 expands.

Drivers will now need to turn right onto Amelia  and then make another right onto Parramore Avenue of they are trying to get to College Park.

The new change will be in place for 18 months.