• Some Orange County yellow lights to last longer


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The spread of red-light cameras has forced state lawmakers to question whether yellow lights are up long enough to give drivers a fair chance to react.

    The signals at Orange Blossom Trail and Americana Boulevard will be some of the first lights to get the extra time added to the yellow light in Orange County because in several months, the county will be adding a new red-light camera there.

    According to a new state requirement, any new and existing red light camera intersections must be changed first.

    How long the light stays yellow will be based on a formula. On a road with a speed limit of 50 mph, drivers will have 5.1 seconds to stop instead of 4.7 seconds.

    It's a small adjustment driver Terrence Hernandez said would have saved him a $158 fine.

    "I would have went through the yellow instead of going through the red. I had no time to even hit the brake," Hernandez said.

    All of the lights being affected will be adjusted by January, officials said.

    The intersections getting the yellow light delays are where 20 new red-light cameras will be placed.

    Attorney Albert Pucylowski defends drivers who get red-light camera tickets.

    He agrees with the state that the change will make intersections safer, but has one qualm.

    "I think it's a pure solid sign they lowered yellow lights to increase the revenue," Pucylowski said.

    The new red-light camera will be installed at Orange Blossom Trail and Americana Boulevard in January.

    Once that goes in, so will the new times for all the lights.

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