Some St. Cloud residents upset over mail service

ST. CLOUD, Fla. — St. Cloud residents called Channel 9 after years of wondering why their mail kept disappearing.
Residents eventually blamed one of the mail carriers, allegedly caught by the post office's new technology, delivering to the wrong place.
The Postal Service upgraded its package tracking technology about a year ago. They scan your package and it logs GPS coordinates of the drop-off location.
"All the neighbors here, across the street, all of them. It was like a mail swap. Everybody was like, 'Hey, we've got your mail and you have ours,'" resident Heather Assis said.
Residents said the problem was with the fill-in courier, who delivered packages and letters while the route's main courier was off.
Assis said she doesn't know why it's so hard to drop things off on the right doorstep, or why it's so constantly delivered to the wrong spot.
Post officials told the residents the courier had been moved to another route, but that she's still employed. Residents are worried that she'll cause problems elsewhere.