• Rape case testimony reveals no bodily fluids found on Leesburg officer's uniform


    LEESBURG, Fla. - State prosecutors said DNA evidence on a former police officer's uniform proves he raped a young woman before he took her to jail.

    On Thursday, the state rested its case against former Leesburg police officer Henri Larue, who is charged with raping a woman in 2012 before taking her to jail.

    The victim told the jury Larue pulled into a dark alley and sexually battered her after she was arrested.

    The Florida Department of Law Enforcement analyst took the stand Thursday morning and said the victim's DNA was on the officer's pants.

    Prosecutors said that, along with several other things, the DNA evidence backs the victim's story of what happened that night.

    The analyst showed jurors the uniform Larue was wearing the night of the alleged rape, but the analyst said she did not find any body fluids on Larue's uniform or the woman's clothing.

    But what prosecutors said is important is that some of the woman's DNA was found on Larue's shirt and more significantly, the area around his zipper, on the inside and on the outside.

    "The more contact there is the more likely there is going to be a DNA profile. The frequency of the mixture is 1 in 1,400 individuals," testified Corey Crumbley of the FDLE.

    Larue's attorney's pointed out it would not be unlikely that the woman's DNA would end up on the officer since they spent several hours together, and there was contact during the arrest.

    On Thursday afternoon, the defense called its own DNA expert to challenge the woman's claims.

    Channel 9's Kenneth Craig is following the trial. Stay with WFTV.com and tune in to Eyewitness News for continuous updates.

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    Rape case testimony reveals no bodily fluids found on Leesburg officer's uniform