• State says Poinciana studies supporting incorporation lack key information


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Some residents in Poinciana have been working to make their home a real city through incorporation.
    But a study they sent to state lawmakers showing why incorporation should happen was returned saying it was lacking key elements, like a map of the area they are trying to incorporate.
    The effort to incorporate the 72-square mile area has been going on for a while.
    Some residents, like Keith Laytham, want to turn the area, that includes parts of Osceola and Polk counties, into a city.
    They want to be run by a government instead of home owners associations.
    Others don't think becoming a city is the way to change it.
    "We agree that that we need to do something about our association," said resident Frank Sowers. "But we can't rush into these things."
    Laytham's group put together a feasibly study and sent it to Tallahassee.  It outlined how the city would work.
    But three reports were returned to the group, saying important information was missing.
    In the feasibility study they had to provide a list of services available like sewer, fire and even street lighting. The problem, according to the state, is that they didn't say how much it all costs."
    "Some of the things, quite frankly, we just weren't aware of," said Laytham.
    One report was returned saying maps and important population data were missing.
    Another report shows a city is feasible for a year, but the study didn't include the required five-year plan.
    Opponents feel the effort seems unprepared.
    "Failure to follow the law means failure to get an approval," said resident Beverly Sanders.
    Laytham said his group has the statistics needed.
    "We're just hoping we have the opportunity to present that information,"
    State Rep. Mike La Rosa said he wanted to see the study's results before deciding about having lawmakers vote to put the issue on the ballot in November.

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    State says Poinciana studies supporting incorporation lack key information