• Strip club owner says fake DEA agent walked around like he owned the place


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Channel 9 has uncovered more details in a case where a convicted felon has been charged after authorities said he has been posing as a federal DEA agent in central Florida for nearly 10 years.

    Benjamin Mejias was arrested following an undercover bust by real FBI agents and Orlando police.

    A neighbor who recently grew suspicious said he believes Mejias would have been arrested long ago if people paid better attention to his credentials.

    Others who knew Mejias said he has been pretending to be an agent for nearly 10 years and that the power of his fake DEA badge got him VIP service at local clubs and other perks.

    When investigators went to Mejias' house, they found guns, handcuffs, a bulletproof vest, a Drug Enforcement Administration identification card and a real badge they believe he was using to live his life as a fake DEA agent, they said.

    Channel 9's Kenneth Craig learned the fake DEA agent also had fancy cars and spent his nights at Orlando's dance and strip clubs.

    The owner of one club told Craig off-camera that Mejias walked around like he owned the place, showed his badge, often came with a handful of women, got free drinks and demanded VIP service.

    Video posted to YouTube shows Mejias street racing, and a member of a local street racing forum told Channel 9 by email that the phony agent first started telling street racers in 2003 that he was part of the DEA, busting drug dealers.

    Federal court files show Mejias fooled just about everyone around him, including police officers and other deputies.

    But records show Mejias is really a convicted felon who isn't even supposed to have a gun.

    Mejias is being held in the Orange County Jail.

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    Strip club owner says fake DEA agent walked around like he owned the place