'Super lice' crawl their way into Titusville school

TITUSVILLE, Fla. — So-called "super lice" have crawled their way into a Titusville elementary school.

The district sent a brochure with a letter to parents of children who were found with lice to try to make sure the bugs don't keep coming back.

District officials said the situation is under control, but parents are still worried.

Super lice are particularly difficult to treat.

“The lice have mutated specifically to those chemicals. They’ve been used too much, it just doesn’t work anymore,” said Dr. Jennifer Berman, who works for LiceDoctors, a nationwide removal service.

She said today’s breed is so strong, it’s immune to over-the-counter remedies.

Parents weighed in on Facebook this week, worried about cases of lice at Imperial Estate Elementary School and other Brevard County schools.

A letter was sent to parents Monday from the assistant superintendent, reiterating school police regarding students with lice.

The policy says that children must be treated at home.

Via email, the school confirmed the existence of recent cases at Imperial.

It came as no surprise to Berman, who handled the call.

Berman stresses treatment of the entire family.

“It’s all or nothing. If you do it halfway, they’re just going to come right back,” Berman said.

Getting rid of super lice isn’t just a challenge for parents, but a necessity to get their children back into the classroom.

Brevard County elementary and secondary campuses have no-nit policies.

Parents or guardians must submit a signed form and have a child clear a recheck before the student can be readmitted.

The Centers for Disease Control said lice are not a health hazard or able to carry disease, but they are more than a nuisance.